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Дознајте каде и како се раѓа виното за време на винската тура во винарија Картал водена од самите домаќини кои со страст и задоволство ќе ве внесат во тајните на модерното винарство изведено во фамилијарна атмосфера.

Комплетното уживање ве чека во собата за дегустации, уредена во топол традиционален амбиент во која можете да ги пробате вината на Картал “спарени” со соодветна храна и музика.


Уживајте во разновидни вкусови

Откријте ги највпечатливите ноти на нашите вина


Одлична локална храна

Уживајте во нашата селекција на вина со одлична храна


Дознајте ја нашата приказна

Запознајте ја визбата директно од сопствениците

star rating  If you are in Skopje and if you like Wine you have to visit and taste really good wine and nice ambience with Jordan and Filip which explaining all the... read more

октомври 14, 2020

star rating  Such an incredible time at a fabulous family winery!! Jordan and his brother Filip did such a wonderful job at explaining the process and providing a wide variety of their... read more

октомври 9, 2020

star rating  We had a lovely afternoon with Jordan and Filip, the brothers who run this family winery. They clearly have a passion for making wine and it showed in both the... read more

август 16, 2020

star rating  Everything was great. We tried 6 different wines and liked them all. Brothers were very friendly and super kind. If you are in Skopje you should extremely visit this place.

март 11, 2020

star rating  Excellent wine tour and tastings. Extraordinary time spent with the two brothers Filip and Jordan, so much to hear and learn from them regarding the tasting and process of wine... read more

февруари 11, 2020

star rating  This was a thoroughly enjoyable two hour wine tasting event. The hosts are a father and his two sons, who are so nice. You are treated like family.... read more

Erik C
февруари 8, 2020

star rating  Professional presentation by the owner. Very nice athmosphere and superb winetasting. The only thing we missed was the wineyard - but as it was appr 50 km south of the... read more

октомври 29, 2019

star rating  Very familiarly, the hosts, the two brothers, were very professional and friendly. A very nice and well spent evening. Nice prices and very good wine! Recommend it strongly!

октомври 18, 2019

star rating  It was a very nice place. The wine was good and also the food that the provided.
You dont’t miss anything.
The owners was very kind and nice and learn... read more

октомври 18, 2019

star rating  This tour was excellent, it is a family run business ran by 2 brothers and a father. We really enjoyed the wine and were blown away by the hospitality shown... read more

октомври 6, 2019

star rating  Just a few minutes away from downtown Skopje, this hidden gem, Kartal Winery, is must to visit place while visiting Skopje. Owned by two brothers, Jordan & Filip Kartalov, who... read more

септември 9, 2019

star rating  We had a tour of the winery, and then we had food and 6 tastings. I think the best part (aside the wine) was the 2 hour talk with the... read more

септември 7, 2019

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