Wine & food combination tips for beginners

Wine & food combinations are a delicate process. Food and wine combination has been a technique that many are trying to master. The concept can be applied when matching wines with various dishes. Wine combination is not only about combining food and wine but also about reaching maximum value from each component to the whole experience.

Read this to discover everything you need to know about this technique, finding what is the best wine selection to combine with Salmon and the best dishes to eat with a Sauvignon Blanc.

Choose a wine and food that you like

How can you enjoy your wine & food combination if you don’t like your choices? Just stick to what you enjoy and go from there. If you need some inspiration, you can always see some of our options wine options from our selection.

Why is this process so important?

Wine and food need to balance each other out, with neither one overruling the taste of the other. Off course this doesn’t mean that you should do the opposite pairings—instead, combine equal flavors to create a good balance. For example, you can pair a bold red wine with a lamb or a white wine with grilled fish.

Know the 2 basic rules in wine & food pairing

Always match the selected wine with the most intensive element of the dish. This could be the seasonings, sauce, or the main ingredient. That’s why most wine connoisseurs recommend combining the wine with the sauce of the dish instead of the meat.

Wine & food combinations that you’ll love