How to choose wine for cooking

We always enjoy our selection of wines poured into a glass, but some recipes are even more special if you add the right choice of wine to them.

Well, in such situations it is good to know the most useful tips because the result can be a big fail or a real success.

Here’s our quick checklist of what to do (and not do) when cooking with wine:

  • Choose a dry wine with high acidity and bright citrus notes: Unless you’re making dessert, don’t use sweet wines.
  • Choose a wine that has a low percentage of alcohol: To avoid unwanted reactions, stick to white wines with low alcohol content.
  • Don’t use oaky whites: Our recommendation is to avoid buttery, oaky wines (like Chardonnay) as they can overpower the dish and bring a bitter taste.
  • Don’t waste a good bottle of wine for cooking

Dry white wines are the best choice for cooking lighter dishes like poultry, pork, seafood, and vegetables. We are presenting to you some specific types of white wine along with the dishes they’re suited for most.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc – marinades, seafood dishes, and veggies
  2. Chardonnay – rich flavors of cream sauces
  3. Dry Riesling – chicken, seafood